Tips to Making Any Room Look Bigger

Here are a few tricks to create the illusion of more space in any room of your home. 

Choose a Lighter Colour Scheme on Walls & Floors: lighter colours reflect the light as opposed to dark colours, which absorb it. Lighter colours give the illusion of a much more open area. 

Bring Your Furniture in from the Wall: when furniture is pushed right up against a wall it can make the area seem really tight and cramped. If you pull the furniture away from the wall, even just a few inches, it can make the room look much more open. 

Hidden Storage Items are a Must-Have: items like coffee tables that open up for extra storage are great for hiding the little things around your house and avoiding clutter. 

Decorate with Stripes: stripes will make every room look longer. Try a striped rug or a feature wall of striped wallpaper to elongate the look of the room. 

Mirrors: to really create the illusion of a bigger room, try putting a mirror directly across from a window. It will reflect all the natural light throughout the room and make it feel much larger. 

Furniture Raised on Legs: if you decorate with furniture that is raised on legs just a few inches off the ground, those small spaces under your furniture make the room feel more open and airy and avoids anything looking cramped.