Advantages of Buying Brand New

  • Pick Your Design: when you buy brand new you get a lot more flexibility in the design of your home. You get a selection of different floorplans with different sizes and layouts. With Chalet you even have the freedom to pick the floorpan you love while still being able to make changes like where your kitchen will be or how many bedrooms you will have. You'll want to brag about your new home even more when you know these decisions were all up to you. 
  • Energy Efficiency: being efficient with our energy use has been much more important now than it has ever been, and builders are now incorporating that into their products and designs. This is something that wasn't addressed in the building of older homes. Bringing energy efficiency into your home is good for the environment and your bank account. 
  • Safety: new homes are just safer than older ones. Building codes and safety measures are always being updated and improved to make sure that everyone living in these homes are protected. 
  • Builder Warranty: your new home will also come with a builder warranty, which is always an extra comfort to have. After you take possession (for a pre-determined amount of time) of your home the builder will still cover certain things such as heating or plumbing problems should they happen. 
  • Choosing the Builder: when you're looking for a new home, you get to pick the builder that you want to work with. A builder's reputation and history in the housing market is an excellent indicator of the quality product you're going to receive. You can also find out what their level of service will be and the typical relationship they look to have with their homeowners.